Say it with me…Blah-gur-gi-tate. Good!

Here is a stop motion film I am currently working on. The project started with pulling influences from art history movements/artists. My 2 influences were Egon Schiele and various African Masks. We had to film a head/shoulders with 3 facial expressions, at least 1 eye blink,a morph, and it needed to be 15-30sec. The film shown below was the rough test done with canson paper, sharpie marker, and cotton balls on foam board. I am in the process animating the final film which is made of Van Aken clay, Super Sculpey and yet again cotton balls.


Introduction to the SCAD 2012 Atlant-a-Mation Film Festival. The Animation was completed by myself, Leonel Alvarez and Colin Wheeler. Many other students helped by providing characters to populate the world.


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